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The Business Card site is a small, but quite informative and completely complete site. The best option for a Premium quality website at the lowest cost for a quick business start. To manage the site, a convenient Content Management System (CMS) is provided, which will allow the user to easily update text and photo materials on their own.
From 450 $

  • responsive website design

    The website design is being developed according to the client’s requirements and wishes. For the Landing page, 1 very long page is drawn, but additional pages can be prepared at the request of the client.

  • Basic site content

    Filling the main page of the site.

  • Unlimited information

    The site has no restrictions on the amount of information and the client can always expand and supplement the content.

  • Search

    Allows the site to search for various information on the headings or page content.

  • Road map

    Connecting an interactive scalable Google or Yandex map to display directions to the client’s office.

  • Slide rotator

    Allows you to place an interactive image slider. It is very convenient and practical for graphical presentation of promotions, services, company activities.

  • Online consultant

    Implementation of an Online Consultant on the website for real-time customer support.

  • Questions and answers

    Allows site visitors to ask a question, and the site administrator to answer it or just create an FAQ.

  • Additional site language

    Allows you to add another language for displaying the site, translations are inserted manually on all elements of the site.

  • Content management system

    To manage the site, a convenient Content Management System (CMS) is provided, which allows the user to easily update text and photo materials on his own.

  • Cross-browser compatibility

    Each site is configured to display correctly in all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

  • News feed

    Provides the ability to maintain a news feed on the site. Articles can be grouped by headings, displayed in short form and on different parts of the site.

  • Feedback form

    Allows customers to send messages from the site, for example, to order a service or clarify the availability of a product.

  • Request a call

    Allows you to place a form on the site for visitors who want to be called back by the site administration.

  • Photo gallery

    Provides the ability to organize the photo storage in the best way for the user.

  • Guestbook

    Allows site visitors to write reviews on the site. All reviews are moderated before being published on the site.

  • Newsletter subscription

    Allows you to organize on the site a subscription to Email campaigns and send mailings.

  • Connecting credit card payment

    Allows you to make online payments on the site using a credit card through.




For the successful development of the site and its further effective use, it is necessary to discuss everything in detail, define goals, and clarify the essence of the task.



Compilation of the Prototype of the site design is due to the need to think over the structure of the future site before starting work, which will create a more user-friendly and convenient site interface.


Development of technical specifications

Before starting the development of any site, a Terms of Reference is always prepared, which ensures that the client receives a 100% positive result.


payment of design development cost

After the Terms of Reference is written and the prototypes of the pages for which the site design will be developed, the client pays the cost of developing the website design for the site.


Website design development

We develop designs in professional design programs that work with vector and raster graphics. After the layout of the main page is developed, it is submitted to the client for review. If the client is satisfied with everything, then the designers continue to develop the internal pages, and if the client has wishes, then he sends them for inclusion.


Payment of 70% of the cost of website code development

After the client accepts the website design developed for him, the client pays an advance payment of 70% of the cost of developing the website code. After that, the design is transferred to the programmers for layout.


Design layout and CMS connection

At this stage, the programmers do the layout validly and cross-browser design approved by the client, and also connect the Management System (CMS) to the site.


Implementation of functionality

After the site layout is completed and the Management System is connected, programmers begin to implement the site functionality, according to the Terms of Reference.



At this stage, the site is handed over to testers for full-scale testing. Then the site is passed to the client for testing.


Delivery of the site and payment of the balance 30%

If the client is satisfied with everything and after the training there are no questions left, the rest of the cost of developing the site code is paid 30%.



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